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Is your child too sick for childcare or school?

It is often hard to decide if your child is too sick to go to school or the childcare center early in the morning. It is sometimes hard to tell if minor symptoms will get better or worse during the day.
How can I tell when to keep my child home?
The main reasons to keep your child home are if he/she:
¨ Is too sick to be comfortable at the childcare center or school.
¨ Will need more care than the school or childcare center can provide.
¨ Might spread a contagious (catchy) disease to other children.
As a rule of thumb, keep your child at home or call your child’s doctor if he/she seems very ill or has a Fever (temperature over 100.3°F) in the last 24 hours, or acts sick - which might include any of these:
¨ Listless or irritable
¨ Whining
¨ Has decreased energy or is sleeping more than usual
¨ Pain not relieved by acetaminophen or ibuprofen
¨ Stomach problems: Vomits more than once and/or Frequent, loose stools
¨ A bad cough or cold
¨ Rashes and sores: Body rash that is contagious and/or has not been seen by a doctor
If your child has any of these problems, ask his doctor if an office visit is needed. If your child is ill and has already been seen by his doctor, ask the doctor when he can return to childcare or school.
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